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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
5A and 5B
5A-Respond to the following statement by using information from the Maxwell textbook (section five) AND one other resource: Leadership’s primary focus is that of creating change—management is primarily concerned with stability.
5B-Maxwell says that 360 degree leaders possess qualities every organization needs (page 285). Discuss how leaders add value to an organization. In addition to the textbook, use two other resources to support your discussion. Use proper APA citations and references.
For this assignment you will need to read the article Culture-Driven Leadership (Kulmann, 2010) and then provide you insights as you answer the following questions:
What is organization culture?
What is culture-driven leadership?
What is the purpose of culture-driven leadership?
What fundamental attributes should a culture-driven leader possess?
Why is “the mission” important for a culture-driven leader?
How can a leader develop the “right” culture?
What is needed to maintain a healthy organizational culture?
Is there a difference between purpose-driven leadership and culture-driven leadership?
What parts of the Maxwell books relate to the fundamentals of culture-driven leadership?
How might this assignment help you (or not) be a better leader now and/or in the future?
Please use at least 800 words for your insights and use headings if you like. If you use outside sources, please use correct citations and format the references according to APA formatting guidelines.
Kulmann, Arkadi (2010, April 1) Culture Driven-Leadership.