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Learning Goal: I’m working on a management question and need guidance to help me learn.
Week 7
Read Chapters 2, 6, and 12 in Human Resources Management Issues, Challenges and Trends: “Now and Around the Corner” (Located in the attachments)
WEARABLES IN THE WORKPLACE: An Analysis of Ethical Issues
HUMAN RESOURCES CERTIFICATION: Trends and Acceptance in Industry
Ronald R. Sims. (2019). Human Resources Management Issues, Challenges and Trends: “Now and Around the Corner.” Information Age Publishing.
Read Chapters 15 and 16 in Cases in Human Resource Management (Located in the attachments)
Organizational Ethics, Sustainability, and Social Responsibility
Global Issues for Human Resource Managers
David Kimball. (2016). Cases in Human Resource Management. SAGE Publications, Inc. Cases in Human Resource Management
Duvigneau (2022) Top 5 Human Resource Trends to Watch in 2022
Vulpen (n.d) 11 HR Trends for 2022
Rice University (n.d). Trends in Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Retrieved from
Supplemental Resources:
Chapter 14: International HRM in Human resource management. Retrieved from . This looks at the HR functions that were the focus of HRMN 300 from the international perspective. The material will deepen your insight into International HR practices and enhance your overall understanding of the role HR plays in today’s global environment.
Ingram (2019). The Importance of Ethics in Human Resources
Sherman (2021). Ethical Issues Facing HR
Kropp (2021). Viewpoint: 9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2021 and Beyond (
Meister (2021). 10 HR Trends for The Next Normal Of Work (
Concepts covered this week include:
HR Trends
Ethical Challenges for HRMs
Overview of Global HRM
What is required:
Part A: HR Professional Ethics (Minimum 2 paragraphs)
Discuss three examples of ethical challenges that HR professionals may encounter as they apply to modern organizations. Discuss how you would address each situation (not necessarily the solution, but how you would approach the problem). Use the resources provided to support your ideas.
Part B: Emerging HR Trends (Minimum 2 paragraphs)
Discuss three current or future trends impacting the HR profession. What opportunities and challenges might these trends present for HR and for the organization? As a human resource professional, what new skills and/or competencies would you need to further develop to adapt to these trends and to continue to be successful in your role? Use the resources provided to support your ideas.