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In your everyday life, you work with mathematical models. The following activity is an example of a scenario that you may encounter. Complete the calculations and submit them to your instructor. Provide reasoning and context to demonstrate how you solved the problem(s).
Let’s pretend you have just received a check for $1,500 from a long-lost relative. With this money, you decide that you would like to remodel a room in your home. The room measures 16 feet 6 inches in width by 19 feet 3 inches in length. The height of the ceiling is 8 feet 9 inches. Your plan is to paint every wall and ceiling and buy new carpet for the floor. Assume that there are no doors or windows for ease of calculation.

Convert the length, width, and height measurements to fractional form. Be sure to reduce your fractions.
Convert the fractions you obtained in question 1 into decimals.
Calculate the square footage of your floor.
The carpet comes in rolls of 36 square feet. Calculate how many rolls of carpet will be needed.
Carpet costs $82 per roll. Calculate the cost of the new carpet.
Calculate the total surface area of each wall and ceiling.
Before you paint your walls and ceiling, you decide that you want to use a layer of primer. If a gallon of primer covers 100 square feet, calculate how many gallons of primer you will need to purchase.
A gallon of paint will cover 150 square feet. Calculate how many gallons of paint you will need to purchase to cover each wall and ceiling.
If the primer costs $49.95 per gallon, calculate the cost of the primer needed to cover the walls and ceiling.
If the paint costs $59.95 per gallon, calculate the cost of the paint needed to paint the walls and ceiling.
Calculate the total cost of materials for this project.
Apply a 6% sales tax on the total obtained in question 11.
Were you able to come in under budget? If not, how would you be able to modify your plans?
What did you enjoy most about this activity?
How did this activity connect to the weekly material?
Are there any hints or reminders you would provide your fellow classmates if they were to attempt the same activity using an actual room in there home?

Make sure to provide an explanation for each of your responses. Be specific in your discussion.