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1. What do the musicians and the narrator believe the origin(s) of
Hindustani music is (are)?
2. What is a ‘Raag’? Besides its musical definition, how do musicians
describe “Raag”? In other words, what kind of association do they
make to the Raag?
3. Can you name one of Hindustani musical “form”?
4. What is the main mode of knowledge transmission in Hindustani
classical music? Elaborate in two or three sentences.
5. According to the musicians, what is the function of Hindustani music?
II. Ocean of Melody — Part II
1. What is “Bhava” in Carnatic music?
2. What are the two core characteristics of Carnatic music according to
master violinist Lagudi Vijayalakshmi?
3. What do “Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa-Dha—Ni” refer to?
4. According to Padma Bhushan T V Gopalakrishnan, what is the role of
the mridangam player?
5. According to the musicians, what is the function of Carnatic music?
III. Discussion Questions
1. What are two differences OR two similarities between Hindustani and
Carnatic music? (you may discuss one difference and one similarity)
2. Please pick one musician / (instrumentalist or vocalist) / from those
who were interviewed and provide a brief biography of them. (Where
they are from, what master musician they are student of, what they
are known for, any interesting information about their lives, etc.). You
may need to research on them quickly.
3. Pick and share one musical performance (youtube video, album etc.)
by the musician chosen and share your first impression of it.
4. Pick and share two quotes (one from each documentary) that you
found powerful, moving or surprising.
P.S. : Please see the attachment for a deeper understanding