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For each of the following scenarios complete a 1-2 paragraph reply using the nursing assessment response. Nursing response should include 2-3 peer-reviewed articles to support your response for each scenario.
Scenario 1 – (Antianxiety Drugs) – Although, barbiturates and benzodiazepines both affect GABA receptors, why can an overdose of barbiturates (without co-administration of other drugs) be fatal, whereas an overdose of benzodiazepines (without co-administration of other drugs) is apparently not fatal (Boyd & Luebbert, 2020; Keltner & Steele, 2019)?
Scenario 2 – How can consistency and follow-up through by nurses contribute to a therapeutic environment? How can limit setting be viewed as coercive by patients in acute psychiatric units? Is it necessary to provide limit setting on an acute psychiatric unit (Boyd & Luebbert, 2020; Keltner & Steele, 2019)?
Scenario 3 – Can a person fall within the bipolar spectrum but not meet the DSM-5 -criteria for bipolar disorder? Does the patient with bipolar disorder spend more time in a mania mood or a depressed mood (Boyd & Luebbert, 2020 ; Keltner & Steele, 2019)?
Scenario 4 – How do you explain the difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s disease ? Which risk factors for vascular neurocognitive disorder may be modified by the patient or caregiver. Why is it important to know the type of dementia a patient has developed (Keltner & Steele, 2018, pg. 338)?
Scenario 5 – A patient with insulin-dependent diabetes states, “After I leave the hospital. I’m going to use only halfof the prescribed insulin because I heard insulin might affect my sexual performance.” What are your interventions with this patient (Boyd & Luebbert, 2020; Keltner & Steele, 2019)?