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Looking at Figure 5-1: Classic and Ideal Caring Situations, page 177 explain the differences between these two models. Explain, in your opinion, the benefits and weaknesses of each caring situation (there are benefits and weaknesses of each situation). Present example(s) of situations that you believe warrant the Classic situation of health care and why. Present example(s) that you believe warrant the Ideal Caring situation and why.
Note: This assignment requires critical thinking. When looking at both Care Situations you want to brainstorm different medical situations that warrant hospital care and see where you think they would fit in regard to these two care situations.
Note: This question is not about end-of-life and/or dying situation. This may be an example you want to use, but we are looking at medical care in all ways.
Note: Do not get hung up on the wording “Supreme Leader” in the Classic Caring Situation. I suggest looking at the physician more as the Focal Point, Medical Leader, etc.
Note: You may want to read The Caregiver-Patient Relationship on page 180 to supplement your understanding of this overall issue.