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No introduction or cover page is necessary. Below, is what I’ve typed so far. Please feel free to change it up however you see best. I answered the questions briefly to give you something to work with. Thank you.
1. Why do you want to pursue a Nurse Practitioner certificate? As a medical surgical floor nurse, you are the eyes and ears for the doctor. You see a change in the patient’s status for the best or worst firstly. You also have times where you didn’t exactly agree with a physician’s choices and advocated for that patient but still ultimately had to follow orders. As a nurse practitioner, not only will you be an asset to the already established interprofessional team of your patients, but you will have the authority to order what you believe would be the most beneficial treatment plan for your patient instead of feeling like you are a lifeguard who saves someone from drowning after its already happening. At my current hospital, there are two female acute care nurse practitioners that often come to the floor to care for our critical patients. These two ladies exude confidence like none I’ve ever seen before. I observe them in conversations amongst the physicians and quickly imagine myself as one of them. They always take charge and save the day.
2. What Nurse Practitioner specialty have you selected and why? I’ve selected to become a Primary Mental Health Nurse Practitioner because we lack adequate psychiatric resources within my community. I feel as though if patients have someone, they feel they can relate to, they will be more accepting of long-term care which leads to long-term medical management. In my community, mental health is taken very lightly as if it is a myth. I want to change this narrative and let people know that they are not alone and have someone they can seek help from.
3. Discuss how your professional work experiences will contribute to your success in the post-graduate nurse practitioner program. As a medical surgical nurse, I care for patients from different walks of life including: substance abuse, mental health disorders, lung disease, heart disease and many more which has greatly prepared me to care for anyone.
4. Discuss how completing the post-graduate nurse practitioner certificate program will contribute to your professional goals.