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please respond to this post with a reference- In this day in age, technology has become part of our everyday lives, especially in the healthcare system. Informatics is intricate and constantly evolving, keeping up with the changes is necessary in our clinical environment. Individuals who understand our complex healthcare practices and who can create technological tools that impact safe, quality care is essential in our profession (HIMSS, 2011, p.3 as cited in DeNisco, 2021). “Nursing informatics is a specialty that integrated nursing science, computer science, and information science to manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in nursing practice” (DeNisco, 2021 p. 432).
A website that supports the nursing informatics profession is the American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA). This association is guided by integrity to deliver high quality, cost-effective healthcare. They actively engage in an inclusive community of innovative informatic professionals. Informatics is used to advocate and eliminate health disparities and improve the health of entire populations (American Nursing Informatics, [ANIA], 2022). An estimated 3,000 nurses and other professionals have joined this association. The roles joining this professional association range from “system design and implementation, education, research (analysis and evaluation), standards and policy development, quality improvement, and management/administration” (ANIA, 2022). They offer annual conferences with educational sessions, for example: Safer Guidelines/EHR Downtime. The Journal of informatics is available to all who become members with scholarly articles within one’s reach. Certification review courses are available to purchase, which prepares one to obtain the ANCC nursing informatics certification. Webinars are available to purchase, for example: Downtime Preparedness for Organizations. They offer leadership strategies, such as an online seminar regarding Development of Shared Governance with informatics. Lastly, they have quality improvement and patient outcomes products to review for example: Using A3 Thinking to Rock the Telehealth Experience.

This website is beneficial for networking because it supports the interest of informatics in the healthcare system. It has vast educational resources on topics that are significant to our realm such as quality, leadership, or innovation. This is a place to share ideas or exchange information that can benefit all organizations focusing on improving outcomes, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and excellence through technology (ANIA, 2022).
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