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See feedback from my Project Adviser below. Please follow. Use the link below to get the objectives and reference. Revised the power point by adding the Objectives.
We reviewed the content of the PowerPoint presentation you submitted. There were no objectives included in the publish. We reviewed potential objectives based on information you need to the nurses to understand about education the patient for self-care. We reviewed the literature and looked at information related to the Teach Back method. The link to the information from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (ARCQ) is listed below. I suggested that this method will provide the nurses with strategies to identify the extent of the patient’s knowledge about the information taught for selfcare. You will review the method and the strategies used. You will develop objectives that will relate to what the nurses need to know to help patients understanding of how to provide selfcare and include this in the PowerPoint presentation.,a%20manner%20your%20patients%20understand.