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There continues to be a great need to assist others in understanding the use of health information sources and e-Health. Problems in access to care due to the number of underinsured and uninsured continue to be common. Due to lack of insurance or inability to afford co-pays and deductibles, there is a proliferation in the use of health information sources. There is also an enormous need to educate the general public about the use of health information sources.
In this assignment, you will assist in this knowledge deficit by creating a brochure or mock webpage to assist in alleviating the effects of these problems identified in this week’s topic. This week, you will create a brochure, visual, or webpage about health information sources.
Be sure to address the following in your assignment:
What are health information sources?
How is health information source defined?
Share three examples of health information sources?
What are the advantages of health information sources?
What are the disadvantages of health information sources? Support the details with literature you have mined from your literature search.
How do you know the information gleaned from the e-Health is valid and reliable?
What myths about health information sources need to be identified and shared?
Length: 2-page brochure with graphics, poster with graphics, or webpage with graphics.
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly references.
APA format 7th addition