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Throughout the MSN Program you will actively participate in professional practice experiences. The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate the planning of your MSN practice experiences. In the MSN core you will complete 135 practice experience hours in: N505PE Theoretical Foundations, N515PE Research Design, and N522PE Advanced Physical Assessment. You will then complete 135 hours in your chosen specialization courses, and finally 130 hours in N555PE MSN Capstone (All Specializations). It is highly recommended that you have one preceptor for your specialization courses and capstone project. The purpose of this structured assignment is to help you be well prepared to meet the academic practice experience requirements of the program.
Please complete the Assignment Template as a master plan for your program’s practice experiences. Use the Practice Experience Student Assignment Sheets to help guide you as you develop your plan. These are located in the Practice Experiences Section of the course. All nursing students are required to submit the assignment by end of the academic week. This assignment will be evaluated based on the stated point values and criteria as stated in the rubric and is due in Week Six.
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