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1. Write a valid, unsound, deductive argument, as a syllogism with the word “teacher” in the conclusion (30 pts).
2. Write a valid, sound, deductive argument, as a syllogism, with the word “teacher” in the conclusion (30 pts.)
3. Write an example of an Slippery Slope fallacy using “teacher(s)” in a premise or conclusion), and describe how the fallacy is committed (30 pts).
4. Write an example of an inductive argument with the word “teacher” in the conclusion, which you would assess to be strong (30 pts)
5. From the different heuristics given in our text (chapter 10) pick the “heuristic” that you think will help you most become a better critical thinker. Explain why (30 pts)
6. Write an inductive argument with at least 3 premises, one of which must be a sub-conclusion, where the conclusion is that it is valuable for one’s life to go to college and university. Then, create an argument map of the argument (50 pts.).