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As nurse manager of a medical-surgical unit of a hospital, your task is to come up with a Change Project to reduce the occurrence of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) in this facility for this fiscal year. This project involves wiping patients with chlorhexidine (CHG) wipes.
–1. Planning of the Change Project–
-Describe the site where the change will be carried out. -Describe data needed to justify that change is warranted. -Identify stakeholders affected by the proposed change. -Describe opportunities for inter-professional involvement. -Identify from whom permission will be needed for the project. -Include discussion of gatekeepers, allies, and/or change champions in the organization who may assist in the project. -Describe potential barriers to the project and ideas for how to eliminate or minimize the barriers. -Discuss resources needed to enact the change, including, but not limited to, the need for personnel, training, supplies, consultants, software. -Discuss costs associated with bringing this change to the organization. -Describe potential ongoing costs for sustaining the change. Include discussion of dollar estimate of the costs, if available, by categories, approximations, or ranges. -Discuss benefits vs. risks/costs analysis over time (for example, in one year). -Identify who would assist you (the change project leader) in carrying out the change.
–2. Implementation of the Change Project–
-Describe the major phases or steps of the project implementation plan.
-Discuss the anticipated SPECIFIC timeline for these steps of project implementation. (Anticipate 10-12 weeks for project completion.) This information may be conveyed using bullets or a table
–3. Evaluation of Change Project—
-Discuss the data that will be needed to reflect outcomes to determine if the change was successful.
-Discussed plan to evaluate the PROCESS of change. -If the change project can’t be enacted for some reason, described what other steps could be taken in the organization to facilitate some positive impact on this topic.