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At professional conferences, blocks of time may be set aside for what are termed “poster sessions.” A large open area will include a number of individuals who use displays, such as posters or electronic presentations. These sessions provide an opportunity to share one’s research in an intimate setting with a small group gathered around who share a similar interest.
The seminar format of this course is very similar to this academic exchange. During one 2-week session of study, you will be appointed as a Presenter. If you are one of the Presenters for this 2-week session, you will prepare an academic presentation, much like a poster session.
Your presentation should include analysis and synthesis of prior research, an evaluation of current trends in the field, and an examination of the foundational literature and seminal works included in the week’s resources. Your presentation will begin the interaction with your colleagues.
You will prepare a 5- to 7-page academic paper in APA format, as well as a 7- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation. This analysis will be an open-ended introduction explaining critical security concerns, effective fault tolerance techniques and methods for developing greater data center energy efficiency.
Your goal, as the Presenter, should be to persuade your colleagues that the approach(es) you have analyzed and synthesized are a sound means for developing more effective cloud security, greater fault tolerance and more efficient data center energy usage. You should acknowledge that there are other models and means to handle such methods, tools and techniques. However, you should strive to be as persuasive as possible in conveying that the specific concepts and operationalizations you have reviewed are exciting research avenues and that they are potentially breakthrough areas in the development of cloud security, fault tolerance and energy efficiency.
Your paper and presentation should contain the following elements:
Incorporation and analysis of the Learning Resources from this 2-week period of study
Incorporation and analysis of five additional resources from the Walden Library that are 5 or less years old
Identification of principal schools of thought, tendencies in the academic literature, or commonalities that define the academic scholarship regarding your topic
Evaluation of the main concepts with a focus on their application to cloud computing