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Comprehensive Project Guidelines Overview
The comprehensive project provides an opportunity for the student team to demonstrate an understanding of the knowledge gained through project management. The project will focus on a relevant subject area that is of particular interest to the student team and, if applicable, of benefit to their employer. You MUST work individually or in teams of 2-3 people to complete the Project Report AND Presentation. You have to turn in both the report and powerpoint presentation. I recommend writing the report first, and then doing a powerpoint presentation based on the report findings.
Extent of the Project
A comprehensive project must involve the application of project management that uses the techniques to a unique problem or task with the potential of contributing to the solution of the problem and producing change. However, the comprehensive project is not expected to be an original solution to the problem. Student teams must document the comprehensive project that is a result of their own independent investigation and analysis. Factual situations encountered as part of the students professional work experience may be used as the basis of a comprehensive project; however, the project will be assessed based on the quantity and quality of independent thought and analysis applied to the facts at issue.
Topic Selection
The student team must determine an appropriate project, and can seek input from the Instructor, advisor, or other parties. In general, it may be necessary to conduct some preliminary research on a topic to confirm that there is enough information available to complete the comprehensive project. If you have a question about topic selection, please email me ahead of time.
Assignment 1 – Comprehensive Project Report
12-15 double spaced pages (counting only text from the abstract, intro, body, conclusions, recommendations). The Comprehensive Project Report is a scientific report documenting the student’s work on the comprehensive project. The Report should follow the specific format given below.
• Cover Page – with information presented earlier
• Abstract, Introduction, and Body
• Conclusion/recommendations
• References and Appendices
Assignment 2 – Comprehensive Project Presentation
• Powerpoint presentation (15-20 minute audio over slides) based on the project report
Data Collection
Data collection is usually a major undertaking in a final project. Projects are carried out by collecting data from the place of employment, library materials, from government agencies, or from other such sources. Sometimes surveys will be used, and would have been described in the research method step. It is acceptable to use existing data, clearly identifying the source of data in the proposal and research method steps.
Evaluation of Results
This is the heart of the project. Students will use the tools and skills learned in the class, as well as those tools and skills from their previous experience and education. It is common to request and receive help from the advisor and from others involved in the program.
Conclusions and Recommendations
The conclusions are statements, observations, determinations, and inferences that are possible because of the work the student team has done. Recommendations for further work that might be carried out as a result of this work are included in this section.