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Create a new, original myth, incorporating your monster. Requirements
*Write a minimum 5-page narrative (myth) about your monster
Consider setting, characters, conflict and crisis, plot, and resolution
Elements of Myth to consider:
Tension between Opposing Forces in the Universe
A Struggle for Power
Explanation of the Origins of Life and the Natural World
Fate and Prophecy
Supernatural or Nonhuman Characters
A Quest or Completion of a Task
*Narratives can be traditional form or in comic book form (with permission). Length criteria may be altered for comic book form.
I’ll also upload characteristics about the monster as well when I finish the paper about creating my monster. Please make sure to not plagiarize my. Professor does use Turnitin.
My monster is a mermaid but she’s not your ordinary mermaid. that can adapt to living in any type of water. She can shoot poison from her tail. She can also shapeshift into any human she wants on land. When she’s on land she has super strength, telekinetic, and can bend liquids. Like when she’s underwater she looks like a monster but when she comes up above water she’s beautiful. I’ll send you the profile I created for my monster tomorrow. I also uploaded examples that he gave to go by in the files section.