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Divine intervention is the overarching theme of the Odyssey. In the second half of the poem, with Athena’s help, Odysseus manages to return home, reinstate his power, and at the end even avert a fatal conflict with the massacred suitors’ families, thus emerging as a military and moral victor.
The question remains: does the abundant help he receives from Athena add to or detract from his epic glory? In other words, can he still be an epic hero even though his final victory is negotiated and sealed by a goddess? And why?
Please CITE specific examples/quotes from the poem, and specifically the last chapter, to back up your argument. 300 words and three paragraphs
Please review typographic rules and know when to use italics. Also know the difference between titles in italics and titles in quotation marks. – NOTE!: Please make sure the content is original and written from scratch. Please do not take another students paper or another source and rearrange it. This has happened before. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED ANYTHING