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For this assignment you are being assigned to develop a power point presentation about one of the practice area Transition Services chapter 25 of Case-Smith’s Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents, 8th edition (2020), by O’Brian and Kuhaneck, Elsevier Publisher. ISBN: 978-0-323-51263-3
Your project must include the following:
Thorough coverage of material in the assigned chapter
Engagement of class with examples of material
Provision of outside materials to facilitate our understanding and remembering
Treatment content that includes the opportunity for participants to brainstorm and ask questions.
Substantive and critically considered peer-review
Please also respond to this statement as it pertains to the programming and treatment related to your practice area: Describe applicable national requirements for credentialing and requirements for licensure, certification, or registration consistent with federal and state laws applicable to the care and programs that are typically provided within the area of practice you reviewed.