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For this media engagement assignment you are to select 8 interviews from the Whiteness Project Each interview is less than 2mins long. Four (4) of the interviews you select ought to come from the “Intersection of I” (Dallas), and the other four should come from the initial series “Inside the White/Caucasian Box” (Buffalo,NY).

You are to create a 1.5-2 page (12 font/ Times New Roman and double-spaced) response in which you are to include:
I. List the ages and names of the interviews that you watched. ( The listing of the names will not be counted towards the length of your assignment)
II. Briefly describe the interview clips that you watched and your reaction to them.
III. What were the overlapping themes around Whiteness that you heard addressed in the videos?
IV. How does this align with, negate, or expand your thoughts around Whiteness in America?

* A reminder, Whiteness and White people are not the same thing.