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I believe that one of the things I struggle with is Self-Serving Bias. Identifying this in ourselves is challenging thing to do but we need to look at ourselves a little harder. When I succeed with anything I can try to give others the credit that they deserve. By being a leader and stepping aside it can give other people in the project motivated to do their best. By doing that it will help me keep my ego at check and can gain respect for their subordinates. When things do not go as planned, I need to find an area of improvement, even if the bad outcome had nothing to do with me. The need to look at the big picture and find something that can improve myself for the next time it comes up. Instead of just putting myself down right away I need to think about it and give myself extra time to take it all in. So that I can evaluate what went wrong and see what I can learn from it all. Tell myself that it is ok to make a mistake, it happens, and we just must learn from them all.