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Identify a mental or physical ailment that is helped by cannabis. Illustrate how/why cannabis helps this problem and improves the person’s quality of life. For example, you could make a poster about how cannabis interacts with glaucoma. You will pick a topic from one of the four categories below and create an informational poster (or infographic) about it. Research your topic with at least 2 sources, and describe, analyze and illustrate what you have learned on your poster. You can include text, pictures, drawings, diagrams (and anything else you can think of) to elaborate on your topic and make your poster visually appealing. If you are including any borrowed graphics or text, you must properly cite them. I challenge you to keep your text minimal on your poster, as the most engaging posters often don’t include walls of text. Think creatively, and make your poster interesting to look at!
Write a descriiption to accompany your poster that elaborates on the research you conducted and explains your design thinking in your poster. Please include your 2 sources cited in APA format. Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1.5 spaced. Your sources do not have to be academic, but it is preferred. Please do not use my lecture notes as one of your sources. This is not part of your poster, it goes alongside it