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Learning Goal: I’m working on a other discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
5.1 Select a soccer player (do not contact) you believe is a target to become your first client;
Research the playing background of the player and explain why you feel he/she will be a strong client to potentially represent.
Also explain, how you identified the player, how you plan to make an introduction and what you need to prepare before setting up a meeting / conference call.
First and foremost when it comes to signing your first client as a intermediary, it not as straight forward as it seems, there a lot of obstacles you have to overcome plus rules and regulations you have to follow by your national association in the country you wish to do business in, which will be (The FA) for me because I am a resident in th UK and (FIFA). prior to having the opportunity of being on this course (SMWW), plus doing my own research there are a lot of things that I have learn about approaching potential and first client for example, players that are aged between 16-18 are classed as MINORS, intermediary would have to make contact with the parent’s not player which is illegal, as it is against the law the representative/intermediary could led to a penalty and misconduct charges which could led to a permanent ban. Also an intermediary can only approach a MINOR from 1 January onwards in the year in which the player turns 16. Any approach before this time is a breach of the rules and regulations. As well as any individuals and companies wishing to conduct any intermediary activity which involves working with MINORS will mean including entering into a representation contract with a client must be approved by parent’s, the parent name might be on the contract etc. Key factor a representation contract stands for 2 years.
When the player come of age for a professional contract which is normally at the age of 18 year old, an intermediary (Agent) can approach the player and offer his or her service with out having to approach a parent for consent. Which could be hard dealing with parent instead on going direct to the source. For example the parent might have the same goals and answer to what the intermediary and the player, because they don’t understand the game like Agent and player (client), an is only thinking about the money not about the player’s development which is the most important aspect as a youth player trying to brake through to the first and is ready to sign him first professional contract.
So before I can identify my first potential client I would like to do my homework. An what I meant by homework is to build a solid and strong foundation of contacts by networking. Reaching out to scouts, managers, clubs player etc, as well as go to games having a close look up in person at the players and the people in the industry to build long lasting relationship in which every parties that involve reaps and benefits. Plus putting myself out their instead of things like hear say, I want people in this industry to know how serious, passionate and driven I am about my dreams and goals, an becoming football agent is top of my list. So I don’t want to leave no stones un turned I would like to conduct myself and my business in the right manner as a true top professionalism. A man who known for great business in a trustworthy and honest manner.
But their is a player I have been keeping tabs on, I know of him through a friend of mine. The player is my friend young brother.
Drue Yearwood
*Currently playing in the (MLS) League for New York Red Bulls
*Date of birth/Age February 17, 2000 (22)
*Place of birth: Harlow
*Citizenship: England/ Barbados
*Position: Central Midfield
*Foot: Right
Dru Yearwood joined New York Red Bulls from Brentford FC on August 12th, 2020 for undisclosed fee for about £450,000 TH. At the time Brentford FC was in the Championship League when Dru left, which is one league below the Premier League. Now that Brentford have been promoted to the Premier League which is known to be the best league in the world. I am sure he is a little bit gutted about how things worked out, but everything happen for a reason he still playing at a top level for a top professional club. But when your a long way from home you can start to get a little bit home sick, for example missing family friends the food culture, as well as having the opportunity of playing in the best league in the world might unsettle a player.
So I would set up a conference call/or meeting for me and the client. I am looking to brake the little ice barrier with genuine question about their self a long with football so basically building a genuine relationship before conducting any business. See where the player head at etc. For example what your goal and ambitions as of now a long with what does the future hold where you see your self in the next couple of season playing football and what would be the best environment for your development so you as a football can reach your full potential to play at the best levels in the best league in the world. As well as find out about him what he like to do when he not playing football, what his hobby etc. Plus more on the football side of things talk about his attributes (Strength & Weakness). An how we can improve as a whole. If that means getting in private personal one to one trainers etc.
*Youth Clubs: Arsenal FC (2007 – 2011), Southend United FC (2011 – 2017)
*Southend United FC, U18’s
*Southend United FC, July 1, 2017 he was at for 2 season 17/18
*Brentford FC August 5, 2019
*Currently at New York Red Bulls, August 12, 2020 –