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Select a topic or issue that you believe needs attention or improvement. Possible topics include:
Self-care strategies or interventions for counseling professionals
Development of safety procedures and plans for crisis situations and/or traumatic events
Protocols and interventions for violence and trauma-related incidents
A need at an agency that bridges the gap of an issue for a specific population
Skills training development for a specific need (e.g., parenting, advocating for a needed resource, communicating with professionals about a child)
Other topics can be selected with approval from your faculty supervisor
Write a paper in which you propose an advocacy project that addresses a specific need or resolves an identified issue for a specific population at your agency.

Include the following in your paper:
Research information and background related to the topic or issue
The need, purpose, and population of the advocacy project
Goals or intentions for the project
Strategies on how to implement the project
Roles and responsibilities of helping professional(s)
Intended outcomes
Incorporate a minimum of 5 professional resources or journal articles.