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Please answer the discussion questions and use the attached file by John Lewis for reference and quote along with the material links and the chapters 5-8 in palmers book
Parker Palmer’s central point is that we are all in this together. This is his First Habit of the Heart, the underpinning of how we are to understand democracy and how humans can best support its strengths.
Our course discussions have examined the impediments to connection with others. What works, what does not, what is worth doing, what is the cost of remaining behind a wall of fearing vulnerability.
You have shared stories of your experiences with both otherness and connection. You have studied methods of bringing people together, whether in a private conversation or as a group focused on tackling issues that matter.
How can this come together in your world?
Read the essay by John Lewis, a civil rights leader and congressman who wrote this just before his death on July 17, 2020. He talks about his experience of making a difference, what influenced him to act.
As you read, listen to his story. He speaks of hope as he offers advice to the youth of American society. To Lewis, “in this together” also means “we are all complicit.”
******Discussion: Define activism. What is the place of activism in a democratic society? What voices remain unheard? What is the message we take from the final words of John Lewis?*****
Material links and reading
Most importantly the essay by John lewis ( attached) And chapter 5-8 from the book Healing the hearts of democracy by Parker palmer