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The Dark Side of Technology Questions:
1. Your boss has presented the idea of using homeless people in a project similar to what BBH Labs has done. What would you tell him? If your boss was determined to move forward with the project, what would you do?
2. BBH Labs compared its project to homeless people selling newspapers on the street. Do you agree with this analogy?
3. Do you agree with the perception that the Internet industry and Silicon Valley are self-absorbed and do not care about anyone other than themselves?
4. Is there any difference between paying a homeless man to work in the United States for $20 a day and paying an 11-year-old girl to work for $2 a day in India? Explain your position.
Understanding Business Ethics Chapter 1 Questions for thought:
1. Which of the teleological frameworks most closely match your ethical beliefs? Under what circumstances would you shift toward another of the frameworks? For example, if you were trapped in downtown New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, what would you do to stay alive and provide for your family?
2. Do you think “Greed Is Good”? Can a free market economic system survive without human greed?
3. Which of the seven deadly sins do you believe is the most serious to commit? Which of the seven deadly sins do you believe is the least serious to commit? Do you think certain sins have gained or been reduced in importance over time?
4. Using the principles set forth in the Global Business Standards Codex, find an example of a company that does or did not follow one of the principles. Discuss the implications of the company’s actions.
Understanding Business Ethics Chapter 2 Questions for thought:
1. Why do you think that Bono fails to see the inconsistencies of his actions? What could Bono do now to help correct this perceived hypocritical behavior?
2. Do you agree with the argument that corporations are more powerful than governments? Do you expect corporations to become weaker or more powerful in the future?
3. Do you think how people view what is ethical has changed over time? How have the ethical values changed from your grandparents’ era? Explain.
4. Do you believe we live in a cheating culture? Explain your answer.
Understanding Business Ethics Chapter 7 Questions for thought:
1. Describe the similarities and differences between the studies conducted at Yale University and Stanford University.
2. Sexual harassment is a critical area for misbehavior in companies. Can a company eliminate sexual harassment? Why or why not?
3. Diversity is an important issue in all organizations. What is the importance of addressing diversity, and how can diversity be achieved?