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Read through the entire assignment before you begin to work on the paper, as it will help you avoid mistakes from the start.
The objective of this essay is to delve more deeply into thematic issues that influence the design and manufacture of objects during the 20th Century.
Your goal is to choose a 20th Century style that reflects historical ideas of the preceding century, provide descriiption of an object (or objects) as relates to your main idea, and analyze them in their own moment in history. How are they similar to historical precedents? How are they different? What are the reasons for this? Would they exist without historical precedent(s)?
This is NOT an Object Report, so although you should certainly provide descriiption within your text, you should focus more on thematic issues and historic contextualization. What do the visual characteristics exemplify about the relationship between the 19th and 20th Centuries? Use evidence from the lectures and textbook to support your ideas.