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Research information on the different types of fibers used to create clothing and other fabrics. Then create a PowerPoint providing the following information for each of the fibers:
1. The name of the fiber, which category it falls into and a picture of what it looks like before and after being made into a fabric.
2. Descriiption of the fiber and how it is made into fabric.
3. Advantages and Disadvantages of this fiber.
4. Cleaning and Care Methods.
5. On final slide resources of where information is gather from is listed.
The fibers can be broken up into two main categories. Natural and Synthetic. You will be conducting research on fibers from both of these categories. The list can be found below:
1. Natural Fibers
a. Cotton
b. Linen
c. Silk
d. Wool
2. Synthetic Fibers
a. Nylon
b. Polyester
c. Acrylic
d. Rayon
e. Spandex
f. Acetate