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The American Psychological Association website is an excellent resource. I never thought to consider reviewing APA. I had previously looked at AHRQ, CDC, and GCU library. Upon searching APA, I discovered 451 articles referencing Post-Traumatic Growth (APA, 2022). I found 57 articles on stress inoculation (APA, 2022). The left side of the screen had limiters and refining tools. I was able to further refine the results by the use of boolean phrases and parentheses. The list of authors and contributors can aid in finding more information that they may have produced elsewhere. APA is a very useful resource for finding quality articles to support psychological research. The literature was mostly relevant. However, I did have to dig and change search terms a bit. It would have been nice to have more limiters but overall, this produced a host of resources that I have not seen elsewhere. As I continue to compile data to develop a deeper knowledge of how stress inoculation can contribute to post-traumatic growth the increased range of peer-reviewed articles and a repository of authors to choose from can greatly expand my search options. Searching using authors, journals, and organizations with a similar focus is a dramatic shift that can tremendously improve the results. Considering the number of articles for a dissertation having multiple resources is of tremendous benefit. This search has helped me discover one of the most useful articles I have read. This discovery provided me with a strong direction to consider taking as I continue to hone in on my research. Reference
APA. (2022). Retrieved July 21, 2022, from