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The causal argument essay is to be a minimum of 1000 words long in which you present and support an argument of causation as defined in Everything’s an Argument, Ch. 11. Your essay must cite a minimum of six outside sources, four of which originate in print or have print analogues. These sources must be presented in correct MLA fashion with both parenthetical in-text documentation and a Works Cited page. Dictionaries, encyclopedias and other general reference works do not count as sources. Three of your sources must be from scholarly sources, such as dissertations, journals and/or scholarly books published by university presses. Also, you must have a Works Consulted page with at least two sources. General reference works like encyclopedias and dictionaries may appear on that page. The topic will be a topic of your own choosing, but just as a reminder, there are a few topics that are off-limits: abortion, death penalty, child abuse, and religion. Certainly, there are many other topics to choose from. You must also provide a word count of your essay at the end of your text. Do not include the name block, Works Cited, or Works Consulted in your word count! You are to submit a rough publish for peer editing by Wednesday, July 27, 11:59 pm. This publish should be as full and complete as possible, meeting all the minimum standards required for the assignment. The rough publish is to be submitted to your peer group and to me. Peer editing of the rough publishs will need to be completed by Friday, July 29, 11:59 pm. Peer edits will be submitted both to your peer group and to me. The more work you put into the publish, the better your final publish will be. Be sure to consult the “Out-of-class Essay Guidelines” and the MLA handouts so that you avoid errors in presentation and style. After the peer editing session, you will need to revise and polish your essay and turn in the final publish on Monday, August 1, 11:59 pm. No late essays will be accepted without a verified emergency or illness.
Minimum Requirements:
-at least 1000 words (includes only your composition)
-at least six sources, four of which originate in print
-at least three of those sources are from scholarly works, such as dissertations, journals, and/or books published by a university press
-MLA documentation for both in-text and Works Cited page