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Response 1:
At meta, we seek to offer products and services truly designed for all. How will your lived experiences (educational, professional, or otherwise) help you offer our product teams a new perspective as we continue to iterate our products?
Response 2:
The ability to work cross functionally is an important working style at Meta. Tell us about a time when you worked with multiple groups or people who had different interests, as well as how you helped build consensus across the group. What specific methods have you used? What communication methods have you found to be effective? How do you know when a collaboration was successful?
Response 3:
Let’s say you are a Product Manager (PM) at Meta and on a product team of your choice. 1.) Select a product team at Meta; how does this product align with Meta’s mission? 2.) Your team is adding a new external feature to increase daily active users. What metrics would you consider to determine if the new feature will be successful?
Response 4:
This role often requires the ability to work with ambiguity. Can you describe a time you had limited information or knowledge and how you built a framework or approach to tackle the situation?
You can use this job descriiption/skills as a reference
Program Coordinator
• Work with Program Manager, technical team, sales team and business development team to create plans and progress reports 
• Work with Program Manager to track resourcing and budget versus plans 
• Manage project team meetings including scheduling, presentation preparation, meeting minute taking, and action item tracking 
• Manage product development project design history files with Quality team including tracking in the document management system 
• Work with clients and Lab Operations to reconcile manifest reports 
• Facilitate in creation of quotes, scopes of work, formatting and approval 
• Manage data reporting, requests, and delivery to internal and external stakeholders 
• Manage shipping schedules, FTP set-up, and data transfer requests 
• Generate and manage portfolio and project-specific dashboards for resource planning and tracking deliverables
• Act as “go-to” team member and communication hub, solve problems and champion processes
• Flexibility in following unique campaign requirements that may include off-hour and weekend work
• Ability to produce results in a fast-paced environment to meet client deadlines under minimal supervision
• Analyze technical assistance and communication data for reports, presentations and 

Leadership skills.
Organizational skills.
Close attention to detail and the ability to plan ahead.
Ability to work under pressure.
Administrative and clerical skills.
Interpersonal skills, including excellent written and verbal communication.