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The project topic could be developed from our readings and discussions in class but any topic related to labour, class, and role-play gaming is acceptable. The object of this assignment is to illustrate your ability to convey the larger themes explored in this course through a project of your choosing. The idea is to provide a critical evaluation of the topic you have chosen. The most important element is that it is a commentary, a point of view, not merely a summary. It allows you to enter into dialogue and discussion with the ideas informing your topic.
The following outline is to assist you in the planning and implementation of the final LBST 330 project. This outline provides examples but is not the only way to pursue your project. The project is meant to enhance our overall understanding of class and labour in Canadian society through a role-play, game, or simulatoin. You may also choose a more broadly defined working class issue not directly related to the labour movement i.e. anti-poverty action. It should be a contemporary issues rather than historic (so within the 21st century).
The idea is to create a role-play, game, or simulation.
Whatever you choose to do there will be a five (5) page paper handed in via canvas that provides the context of your game. Everyone will hand in the paper.
Project Criteria
Your project should be able to tell the story of the issue you have researched with clarity and have a clear purpose (or argument). It should include:
A title that conveys the topic
Primary and Secondary sources incorporated into the game to convey the issue.
Clearly identifies and insightfully analyzes important issues connected to the themes of the labour and class. Analysis was integrated into the game.
The project meaningfully engaged important thematic and interpretive issues around issues of labour and class.
Project shows substantial depth, fullness, and complexity of thought.
The nature, scope, and mechanics of your game will be up to you. Whatever you choose to do there will be a five (5) page paper handed in via canvas that provides the context of your project. Everyone will hand in the paper. This next section of the criteria pertains to the paper and not the more creative aspect of the project.
Your paper explaining the project will be a 5-page formal essay on the context of your game.
You should be able to explain the approach you took in your project and the context that informed your project. Place the project within a framework of evidence given in the course material and the research material you have found on your own.
Guidelines for the essay portion:
The object of this assignment is to illustrate how your game tackled a topic in Canadian labour and class politics. The essay portion should also illustrate your comprehension of the material and your abilities to reason, argue, and write. To write the essay properly, you will need to:
Explain the context of your project.
Analysis. Do not simply describe the game. We will have already seen, played, or in someway interacted with your game. You need to provide an analysis of the game. Explain why the topic you examined is important. This does not mean you will have no descriiption in your essay but make sure you have a balance between descriiption and analysis.
Spelling and grammar were correct. Paragraphing was sensible. Writing was clear and easy to follow. Appropriate sentence variety, smooth transitions, and superior control of diction.
NOTE: Some of your games may be very complex and you will not be able to create the full game in such a limited time. If this is the case it is acceptable to create a prototype with examples of the key components of the game and explain the mechanics of the larger game. Please dicuss this with me ahead of time.