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This poem should be an ode praising something unconventional. You are welcome to write about any “unconventional” topic you choose. There are no restrictions or censorship of language, however you will want your poem to meet the requirements (i.e. “love” is a conventional and often written about topic in odes–however, tree branches are not and would count as something *unconventional*).
The poem must meet eh following criteria:
– have a title
Рincorporate figurative language (metaphor, simile, allusion, etc.) avoiding clich̩ or at least using clich̩ in an innovative way
– incorporate concrete detail
– engage at least two (2) of the five (5) senses
– be born from the assigned writing exercises
– be single-spaced
– use punctuation (even the choice to not include punctuation is a form of considering punctuation–poems which deviate from traditional punctuation will need to demonstrate reasons for that choice)
– Minimum length: 8 lines
– Maximum length: 2 pages