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While viewing Civilizations: Renaissances (Episode 5). found in the Readings, Videos, and Resources section of this module, please respond to the following prompts through well-organized and appropriately detailed responses:
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What were Michelangelo and Mimar Sinan working on separately? For whom? Why?
What is significant about Donato Bramante’s Shrine to Saint Peter in the Cloister at San Pietro in Montorio?
Define and Explain Ars and Invenio.
The artist as genius in the West:
Benvenuto Cellini (Florence, Italy)–What did he create and why is it significant?
“Cultural Fusion” in the East”

Miniatures–in what ways are they examples of “cultural fusion”?
What’s the difference between East and West in the production of art?
In what ways does the video describe the following artists as “geniuses” within the context of the Renaissance?


Artemisia Gentileschi

Diego Velázquez

What examples of Rembrandt and “cultural fusion” were shared? Explain.