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Write an analytical paper on “The Role of Science Literacy in Health Literacy”
And create a PowerPoint presentation on it.
Your paper length should be 5-7, double spaced.
Read few journal articles and refer it in the section where you write the literature review.
Some points to consider:
● Explore different definition of science literacy and health literacy
● How are they measured?
● Can Health literacy be isolated from science literacy?
● Show how the two ideas are—and are not—connected.
● Importance of science literacy for understanding public health issues and
● Provide examples of a health message that requires strong science literacy to
Organizing your paper
Most academic introductions follow an ‘inverted pyramid’ structure: you can start broad and
narrow down to a specific thesis or research question. The introduction should reveal some
broad knowledge of the overall topic and quickly focus on the major point of the paper.
Background, History, Literature Review
This section would provide the necessary background or history for understanding the
discussion to come. A literature review more specifically synthesizes information from a variety
of significant sources related to the major point of the paper.
Argument, Critique or Discussion
In this section, you will finally make the major point or claim the previous sections have led the
reader to expect. This section will usually be the lengthiest section of the paper and should
include a thorough and well-supported argument, critique or discussion.
The conclusion should reinforce the major claims or interpretation in a way that is not mere
summary. You should try to indicate the significance of the major claim/interpretation beyond
the scope of the paper but within the parameters of the field. You might also present
complications the study illustrates or suggest further exploration the study indicates is
Follow the APA reference style.
Rubric for assessment of online PowerPoint presentations
Marks for presentation: 20