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Learning Goal: I’m working on a powerpoint project and need a sample publish to help me learn.
I want to create a presentation through powerpoint or google slide that Create an interactive presentation of no fewer than five pages on a topic about investing. By “interactive presentation,” I mean: the presentation should be navigable by your audience without you present to guide them, and it should involve some kind of interaction from your audience (clicking links and scrolling totally count!)
Topic: the powerpoint should give an idea how to start investing for retirement, stocks and index fund. It should have some recommendations for the audience for something like when you should start investing? How you could start investing? Which platform you could use?
For example. I have this excel sheet that calculates retirement plan you could add to the website…
All sources need to be cited (though you can use links rather than MLA) .
Consider how you can best make an argument using this interactive form – what rhetorical strategies would not be possible in other forms?
Please this powerpoint should be professionally designed with creative slides not just adding pictures and sources from the internet. I need some writing and creative slideshow with organized format!!