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Stanvista Bank is a new bank in Canada, and it will provide services like other commercial banks such as deposits, withdrawals, credit card services, insurance, loans, mortgages, and interact email transfers. In addition, the bank will be introducing a new service that is not commonly available in other commercial banks in the country. This new service is known as online funds transfer, which enables bank customers to seamlessly transfer funds from one bank to another bank, and from Canada to other countries using online banking system. There will be a $1 fee to transfer funds within Canada, and a $20 fee to send funds abroad. The bank system will be using an authentication method of sending a text message or email to the account holder before an online funds transfer can be completed. The system will also verify the account name of the beneficiaries using only their transit and account numbers to confirm that the account details are correct before it can allow funds to be sent out. The online banking system will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all registered bank customers.
You have been made a Project Manager to analyze, design, and develop the online banking platform for this bank.
Identify and briefly explain 3 functional requirements and 2 non-functional requirements in the ‘’online funds transfer’’ component of the new bank system (25 marks).
Draw a system use case diagram showing at least 5 use cases in the online funds transfer component of the system (30 marks)
Design the user interface for the online funds transfer portion of the system using any tool of your choice. Your interface must include at least 2 of the 5 use cases in your use case diagram. Ensure to include the flow of events and possible alternative flows in your design. Provide the images of your user interface design, briefly explain each image, and discuss the tool used for your design (45 marks).