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As you begin this assignment, take a moment to stop and reflect on the difference between ethical and legal responsibilities. In this assignment you will discuss responsibilities in both areas, so this is a helpful starting point. You will analyze both ethical and legal responsibilities, as they apply specifically to the area of boundaries of competence.
Review the case scenarios carefully (see below). In a 2-3-page expository paper, analyze ethical and legal responsibilities related to each case. This should be based on course materials, your own research, and at least two of the codes of ethics in the field of psychology.
Address the following for each case:
Describe at least two ethical standards, specific to the area of boundaries of competence, that provide direction for each case. Explain why that particular standard is applicable in the case. Be sure to discuss individual standards within the codes of ethics, not general principles, and cite the applicable code of ethics.
Explain how the professional could ensure that each standard identified is being upheld, by providing at least one example for each standard.
Next, analyze how legal responsibilities apply to each case. This should be based on the supplemental reading in the course, and at least one additional scholarly source.
The paper should include support from the textbook, two separate codes of ethics, and at least two additional scholarly sources.
Alyssa has completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology in addictions, and has been working as a case manager. Recently Alyssa also began an internship to work toward becoming a certified addiction counselor. While conducting an intake interview with a new client who has been court-ordered to the facility, the client responds to a standard question that they are homicidal. Alyssa first inquires whether the client understands the meaning of the word homicidal. The client replies, “I wish I had a bullet for that cop that arrested me”.
Jakob has been a psychiatric technician for about a year, but has been working in the field of psychology for about 10 years in various other positions. Jakob’s undergraduate degree is in ABA, which included quite a bit of study regarding individuals with developmental disabilities. A new client has been exhibiting symptoms that appear to be related to autism spectrum disorder. Jakob feels that there is enough information to indicate the client should be evaluated further.