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Compose a personal statement describing your immediate and long-term career and life goals, including an explanation of why these goals are appropriate and realistic in terms of your curricular, extracurricular, professional, and personal experiences. When composing this document keep it personal, framing the discussion from your perspective (I, my, me). A maximum page length for your Personal Statement is not specified as your goals and aspirations are unique to you. Take the space you need to effectively, and succinctly, define and discuss your goals. Historically, students have achieved this in 2-3 pages. The document should be formatted using sound APA formatting practices: 1-in. margins on every side of the page, page numbering, double-spaced, and appropriately sized sans serif or serif fonts.
About me:
I want to gain my masters in I-O Psychology
I currently work for Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC as a Call Center Rep.
I want to move into a more prominent position within the company doing something in I-O Psychology.
I want to own my own business consulting using my knowledge in I-O Psychology.
I have taken Psychology courses (major) and Business Management courses (minor) at UMGC.