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For this week’s discussion, I’d like for you to write about a time you saw a manifestation of humanity’s higher or better nature (e.g., unexpected act of kindness or goodness). Please describe the circumstances surrounding the event in detail. How did the event make you feel? Did it have a long-term impact on you? The past few years, many students have been sharing their pay forward experiences, which is fine, but as much as possible, please try to think of other examples.
In this folder, you’ll find links to two videos (Flow, the secret to happiness and The hidden influence of social networks). In addition, you’ll find links to the questionnaires on Dr. Seligman’s Positive Psychology website and Dr. Pennebaker’s TAT Projective test. You have the option of watching both of the videos and writing your reactions to them. Or alternatively you can substitute one of the questionnaires or the projective test for one of the videos. This discussion is due by 8AM on Tuesday (8/2).
In case you’re having problems with the links, here are the URLs: