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Learning Goal: I’m working on a psychology multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
You can choose to use Google Slides, Power Point, a video creation, a URL to a website you’ve developed, a written report, or other creative format.
Description of the Field of Interest/Career & some specific job titles & responsibilities.
How statistics & quantitative analysis are used in this field. Overview & some specifics on how used. (This will vary between fields, some use analytics more, some less.)
Any examples of reports showing research, data or analysis. (For example, tables, graphs, charts, monthly, quarterly, annual reports, or journal articles.)
Any professional associations in this field? Is there any info on their websites relevant to statistics or analyses?
Any professional publications or journals in your field of interest? If so, what kind of articles are published? Are statistics or analyses included in the articles?
Are there any statistical analysis programs or software applications someone pursuing this field should learn? What are the most popular ones used? Should students expect to encounter these in any future classes? (Some examples might be SPSS, JMP, NCSS, BMDP, SAS or Microsoft EXCEL.)
If pursuing a career in this field of interest, what analytic & quantitative courses are required? Do job postings in this field list any requirements or preferred analytic skills?