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Career Specialty Presentation
Due Dates: 08-01-2022
With so many career paths in the field of mental health services, a variety of specialty practices exist beyond the traditional counselor or psychologist positions. This presentation involves selecting a given specialty practice in the area of mental health services and researching the training and practice required to enter that field. You may a variety of sources, including interviewing a professional in that subspecialty to create an informative presentation. Using this information, provide a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation on this assignment link.
In order to receive a grade, the presentation must include:
A given specialty practice (examples include Certified Behavior Analyst, Child Life Specialist, Sports Psychologist, etc.).
A description of the types of populations these professionals work with, including the possible disorders they treat.
Clear and concrete examples techniques that are used in this specialty practice.
An overview of the degree and practice requirements needed to work in this specialty area.
Links to websites for the specialty practice, including licensure/certification boards, associations, etc.
Visual aids such as Power Point or Presi presentations, movies, handouts, etc.
The presentation must be submitted through this link on the date assigned on the syllabus.