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This assignment gives you the opportunity to complete a biopsychosocial and treatment plan for a person presenting on the schizophrenic spectrum. Treating schizophrenia is different from some of the less serious mental illnesses because there is a multimodal component to treatment. Counselors must focus on whole-person stability, maintenance of functionality, and having a sense of productivity and sociability.
Read the case and conduct a biopsychosocial assessment of the client described. If there is no Mini-Mental Status Exam completed, indicate that in the cognitive section of the Mental Status part of the assessment.
Although the case study may not provide in-depth information for all sections of the biopsychosocial assessment, please use the information as provided, and note if there is no information given for a specific area.
Complete a Biopsychosocial Assessment form with case conceptualization for the case, using full sentences and appropriate grammar.
Diagnose the case study based on the symptoms and the DSM-5-TR diagnostic criteria. Support your diagnosis in the summary section of the Biopsychosocial Assessment form.
Complete a Treatment Plan form for this client based on best practice or evidence-based therapy. Justify your treatment plan with peer-reviewed research. Your treatment plan should be a minimum of 200 words.