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Topic: African American Male Student Motivation & Engagement within Classroom Technology-Based Learning
Identify the following:
Justification for using a qualitative descriiptive design
Target Population: Estimate the size of the target population and identify the specific way to access the target population Sample: Estimate the projected sample size for each source of data.
Identify 3 data sources For each: Describe the structure of the data source
Describe how the data source will be developed
Identify how the data source will be used to answer the RQs
For validated instruments, If needed, add columns for additional data cite appropriate sources
Identify 3 strategies for each of the following sampling strategies and collections
Sampling Strategy Descriiption: Citing an authoritative source define and describe each sampling strategy. Sampling Steps: State the steps taken for the sampling process for each strategy. Sampling Criteria: Identify the criteria for selecting your sample.
Provide step-by-step detailed instructions regarding how you plan to collect your data. Steps should detail how each source of data will be completed by the participants, including:
How you plan to obtain informed consent(s). How each source of data will be completed (who, what, when, how, where)
Discuss any demographic information you plan to obtain and when.
Present the steps in chronological order for each source of data. Where will you store the data?
How long will you store the data? How will you protect the data? How will you destroy the data? For each data cource
Identify each step you will take to analyze the data, supported with an authoritative source.
Encourage project management by the learner Discuss next steps you plan to take to prepare for and work