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1. For your assignment this week, describe what sort of research design and method you might use to evaluate your hypothesis identified in the week five discussion post. This assignment should take between 500-750 words. Please remind the instructor of your original hypothesis in Discussion Post #5!
Here you might choose to utilize one of the following methods:
Experiment: What is the treatment group? What is the control group? How will participants be selected (sampling) and assigned to groups? How will you address issues of validity and reliability?
Survey: How will your participants be sampled and recruited? How will you ensure that your sample is representative of the target population and what population is that? If you decide to do a survey field experiment, describe how participants will be assigned to control groups vs. treatment groups. Describe the treatment and provide at least 5 sample survey questions (with answer choices if closed-ended): describe what type of variable you will be producing (nominal, ordinal, etc.) with each question.
Structured interviews: Describe whom you will interview (elite interviews vs. interviews which are representative of a population) and how participants will be recruited and chosen (snowball sample, convenience sample, etc.) Provide at least five interview questions you might use, tell whether they are open-ended or close-ended; how you will safeguard against issues like priming and bias in the questions. (NOTE: You do not need to ‘reinvent the wheel’. You may re-use questions that you have encountered in readings throughout this course, reproducing the wording. Think about why re-using a question might be a good approach – and how it allows you to compare your findings to those that others have produced in similar situations. For example, are there surveys that were carried out that interviewed people who survived an event like Hurricane Katrina which you might re-use in talking to people who were affected by the pandemic?)
Focus groups: How will your participants be recruited and chosen? How will you ensure that your sample is representative of a population and what population is that? If you choose to administer a survey, you need to furnish at least 5 sample questions with answers.
Analysis of Existing Data (Administrative data, archives, documents): What existing data, surveys, or archives will you use? if a preexisting survey, what questions and variables are you examining? What statistical tests will you employ to test your hypothesis? 2. For whatever research methodology you choose, describe any anticipated issues or problems and how you might correct for them
Use the following textbooks for a reference:
Powner, C. L. (2015). Empirical Research and Writing: A Political Science Student’s Practical Guide. Sage. ISBN: 978-1-4833-6963-1. Howard, C. (2017). Thinking Like a Political Scientist. University of Chicago Press. ISBN: 978022632754-9.