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a separate piece of paper write, To help you prepare for your PowerPoint presentation, go here, 1) state what your research topic is, and then write the following:
2) A quote or statement from a recent CREDIBLE news or information source (from January 2016 and forward) that relates to your chosen topic. 3) Make sure you CITE the article with newspaper/journal/magazine/website title, article title, and date just as it was shown to you in the Writing Pointers document and Quiz assignment previously given.
Many of them are available through the KCC LIbrary at . You can usually search for articles under the “Databases-Articles” tab on this page.
then do the PowerPoint based on all the info and use quotes
Now that you’ve chosen the priority area that interests you the most, explain why you chose that priority area AND QUOTE one (1) sentence from TCNY 2020 to support your statement (e.g., “I chose this priority area from TCNY 2020 because …. and on page XX of TCNY 2020, it says. based on the TCNY 2020 the priority that interests me the most is to promote healthy childhoods because they’re our future and they are what makes our future a better place. page 10 “Quality child care enriches child development and helps set a path for a lifetime of better health outcomes.” I agree that this is very important because without quality care for our kids how will our species/generations within our family continue to grow Increasing the number of resources to help them proceed in life will help them mentally, emotionally, and even physically. Without the support, some kids may not have the resources, especially low-income families who can’t afford medical care for their kids. This would help so many families inquire, having a better community full of help there are many online newspapers and magazines to choose from.
Review this website: 1) First, go to the tab named “Programs.” From there, read about the 5 programs supported by the The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP). These are programs that received Federal (U.S. government) money to conduct disease prevention work in their communities to reduce health disparities. They are categorized under 3 categories: basically do PowerPoint regarding the health disparities that are affecting the community, show proof back up from info on the websites given. promote healthy childhood, and what credible news, cite your work