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Learning Goal: I’m working on a scriptwriting writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
As a director, the student will develop and communicate a production concept or theatrical approach for one of the following plays: Antigone, Lysistrata, or Macbeth.
Once you have selected the play, as the director you need to decide what story you want to tell. How do you want audiences to respond to your production? What is the theme or message you most want to highlight? It is fine to set Macbeth in feudal Japan, or the Wild West, or the Trump White House – but remember to answer (and likely begin with) the crucial question of why.
Share your ideas on the where, the when, and particularly the why of your production. What drew you toward your understanding of the play and how you want audiences to respond to it? What images or research or analysis inspired your ideas? Is there anything about the characters of the play you should share that is particularly relevant to your vision? You also will submit a detailed written outline of your concept presentation. (no word limited but be brief plz)