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1) The Symbolic Structures of Race: What are the powerful and problematic ideas that have been layered on top of each student’s race historically and/or contemporarily? 2) The Material Structures of Race: How did race and racism shape their families’ or communities’ abilities to obtain material rights and privileges, such as where they could live, work, accrue wealth, and/or enjoy the full privileges of citizenship historically and/or contemporarily? 3) Socialization: How did people and institutions shape their racial identity development over time? (Please engage racial identity development theory here, and intersectionality if it makes sense.) 4) Identity and Future Action: How their positionality (their identities and their relative privilege) informs how they plan to do work to disrupt racism and dynamics of oppression moving forward as social workers ****I attached a paper I previously wrote about myself, please use that and some of the attached articles from the class to complete the questions above. Use the questions above as headers and use the information in “autobio” attachment.