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While a learning plan is like a trail map with specific place markers, a learning plan may also serve as a Global Positioning System (GPS). It can be a helpful indicator to determine where a social work student is at any point in the field placement process, which can aid field instructors and task supervisors (when appropriate) in tailoring training efforts to meet students’ needs.
This week, you will examine a case study of a field supervisor meeting with a new field placement student. The meeting focuses on setting the tone and expectations for the student’s field placement experience.
To Prepare
Review the case study Scenario: Week 9 — Learning Plan document found in the Learning Resources.
Use the Learning Resources and your own research and assessment to answer the prompts.
Day 7
Submit a learning plan you design that could be used for field placement students that is based on the student details provided in the Scenario: Week 9 — Learning Plan document.
Your learning plan should:
Reflect the EPAS competencies 1–9 and related practice behaviors.
Consider student strengths and limitations found in the Scenario: Week 9 — Learning Plan document.
Consider agency/organization capacity.