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In roughly 250 words, answer 1 of the following questions:
How does efficiency, efficacy, and incentive impact sharing in the digital economy?
What are the pros and cons of internet access in increasing economic viability for individuals participating in the Thai silk trade?
Response Posts:
You must also respond to at least (2) of your classmates’ posts. In your response posts, you should substantively address one of the questions from your classmate. You may not answer both questions posed by one of your classmates. In other words, you should attempt to answer one of their discussion questions in approximately 3-4 sentences (one paragraph). The answer to the question posed by classmate may not be easy or simple to answer, and constructing cogent arguments in responding to your peers is part of this assignment. Your responses are as important as your own discussion questions, so please do not neglect them.
You will not be able to respond to your classmates’ posts if you have not submitted an original post of your own. Therefore, in order to receive any points for responses to your classmates’ posts, you must submit an original post for this module. It is not acceptable to repeat information from your original post in your response post to a classmate. Your response posts should propel the conversation started by your classmate forward. Posts such as, “I agree” or “Hello X, I enjoyed your post,” and so forth will receive no credit. Since response posts are a content-based grade, the length matters less than the content. It would, however, be difficult to earn full credit without writing at least three sentences in a response post.
General Assignment Instructions:
Your post should use either APA or ASA style to properly cite the reading both in-line and at the end of your post. Please type your response using correct spelling, grammar, and syntax. Using the built-in spell check feature of the discussion board on Blackboard will help with this.
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