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Summer 2022 SMT 225 Five Ps Paper Rubric
Each student must develop a marketing plan for a hypothetical sport-related product, service, or
event. This paper is due on Tuesday, August 2nd at 11:59 p.m. Your marketing plan should be
approximately 3-5 pages in length and cover our discussions of the five Ps. You should reference
existing marketing plans to support your marketing plan, with references for these sources. The
Five Ps paper will be graded according to the following elements:
Product (20 points): This section should contain a clear and concise descriiption of the product
and/or service that you are marketing. It is expected that you incorporate both the core product
and product extensions.
What are all of the main aspects of your product? What are any important additional
components of your product?
Price (20 points): Any successful product is accompanied by a well-communicated pricing
strategy. For your imagined product, please explain all costs that would be accrued by your
How is your product priced to consumers? Is it a one-time fee or subscriiption based?
Place (20 points): Each student is expected to define the area of distribution for their product or
service. For retail products, this should incorporate the locations through which your product will
be sold. If you are marketing an event, you must explain where and when it will take place.
Where can consumers purchase your product? Will they attend a specific location?
Promotion (20 points): Based on our discussions, we have learned about the importance of
promoting a product. Please explain the outlets that you would use to promote your product (e.g.,
social media, television, radio), as well as your promotional strategy.
Which outlets will you use to promote and advertise your product? What is your
promotional message?
Public Relations (20 points): Lastly, you must identify your public relations strategies for your
product. This can include news conferences, press releases, and other forms of PR.
How will you utilize public relations to market your product?